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    Rooted my mobile Micromax Unite2 and got SuperSU app but I really don't find any difference to my mobile except this extra app. There are 3tabs on this app, like Apps, Logs and Settings. Apps & Logs are blank.

    My intention for rooting is uninstalling bloatware, unnecessary apps, move some apps to SD card but how can I do that after getting this SuperSU? Please help
    10-10-2014 01:31 PM
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    1) Most apps can't be moved to the SD card. Those that can, can be moved with the Application manager without rooting the phone.

    Most that can be moved can have only parts of the app moved.

    Apps that are moved (in whole or in part) to the SD card have to add a link in internal storage (which is where Android looks for apps) pointing to the location on the SD card that the app was moved to - so you're not saving as much space as you thought you would.

    Many apps that can be moved to the SD card won't run well, or at all, from it. An app has to be written specifically to run from the card. Since most apps are written by people who know how to click a few buttons, most apps aren't written to run from the SD card.

    2) To uninstall bloat, run Application manager and disable the app you consider bloat. Run the phone like that for at least a few days. If you don't have any problems, use Application manager to clear cache, clear data and uninstall the app. (I'd suggest something like App Backup and Restore [free] to back the app up before disabling it - just in case you should some day decide that you really do want that app.)

    4) SuperSU is a "helper app". To run as root, an app has to run under su (which is what rooting is - installing su - which you have to be rooted to do - which is why you can't just install the file). Without SuperSU, su would have to allow any app that asks for root status to have it. Instead,m the first time an app asks for it, su runs SuperSU and lets you decide whether the app should get superuser status or not. (So if SuperSU suddenly pops up and some app you never heard of is asking for root, you probably have a virus, and can deny it permission. Once you start doing that, the Apps tab will list apps that you've given permission to. Tapping an app will let you change how the app gets permission - prompt every time, grant without asking, etc.) The Logs tab will show you what got permission when.
    10-10-2014 02:49 PM

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