1. AC Question's Avatar
    I just bought a new ZTE Warp Sync through Boost Mobile only to realize that their coverage map is hugely misleading. According to the map, I should have "Excellent" 4G data coverage. Needless to say that I do not! I like the phone, but am now exploring the possibility of changing carriers (this is preferred over returning the phone (if possible) and buying a new one).

    Which carriers will allow me to use my ZTE Warp Sync on their networks? Which will have full service (4G data in addition to mere voice)?
    10-10-2014 02:58 PM
  2. AaronSharp's Avatar
    I have a new one the warp sync" just 3 weeks old" im with Boost Mobile USA" my question is are having any issues with it" like bluetooth etc.... dropped calls ...
    12-14-2014 01:38 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Only Sprint. The only other carrier in the US that uses the same technology is Verizon, and they won't activate a Boost phone (which uses Sprint towers).
    12-14-2014 08:22 PM

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