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    So I've been looking heavily at the G3 and the Xperia Z3 and obviously the GS5. I've liked the G3 because I have a Droid DNA and it is nearly the same size but has a much larger screen, however I feel like purchasing the G3 now is a bad idea because it might be obsolete soon. I don't want my device any larger (No Note size phones). I use my phone for social media, youtube, movies, music, but no crazy intensive games. I've liked the Z3 because of the supposed higher quality music playback and its screen size and the high quality camera is nice too. Does anyone have anything they could input to sway me to one phone or another? If there are other phones I should be looking at please mention them!

    I might be switching to ATT but am currently at Verizon right now.

    Looking at the G3, Galaxy S5, Xperia Z3. I like the G3 but I am worried about it being obsolete soon because it was released a bit ago. Should this be a concern? Does anyone have any devices to recommend to me? Thanks.

    sorry if I ramble, I'm tired.
    10-11-2014 12:04 AM
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    Z3 has excellent battery life as well which is worth noting. Galaxy s5 has a removable battery and I think the g3 might too(some people love having that option). Also worth thinking about the overlay: I don't like touchwiz but some people hate Sony pushing their features. Try going into a shop and having a quick go on each. End of the day they're all great phones so you won't make a disastrous choice.
    10-11-2014 08:08 AM

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