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    Adding words to dictionary
    10-11-2014 10:00 AM
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    Adding words to dictionary
    Type the word then accept it in the text prediction box. There is no other way to see a list of added words and continue the list with your own set.

    Also, if you are using a third-party keyboard that is built to learn/predict, then the word should be added through normal use of the word.
    10-11-2014 10:02 AM
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    I'm Galaxy Note 1 user and preferred to use 3x4 keyboard, hence needed to add "Abbreviation Text" to Predictive Dictionary. The usual 'Add Word' icon disappear after I updated the firmware to N7000DXLS8 (Baseband Version). I hope the below two steps able to help you in adding "Abbreviation Text".

    Step (1) Key in one abbreviation text (tks = thanks) ONLY, then sent via sms messaging (Note: not via whatsapp messaging).
    Step (2) Go to Setting / Language and Input / Samsung Keyboard Setting / Predictive Text and select "Learn from Messaging".

    A) You may create a new contact with a phone Nos. 1234567 so that you can send "Abbreviation Text" to this new contact without disturbing your friends. Not to worry if encounter 'message not sent' because you still able to add "Abbreviation Text" to your predictive dictionary.

    B) Refer to above Step (1)..... Enter one abbreviation text (tks = thanks) ONLY. It does not work if you send two abbreviation texts (example, lol and tks) in a single sms.

    How do I add a word to the dictionary on a Samsung Galaxy Ace phone?-newcontact1234567.png
    10-25-2014 08:49 PM

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