1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have Android 4.4.4 and MacbookPro with OS X 10.9.5. with iPhoto 9.5.1

    When I connect via USB my Android to the Mac, the iPhoto used to import only pictures from the Camera gallery. Now it imports everything. This makes a big mass.
    - I get each picture double, since I have google+ autobackup anyway and it also stays in my Andoird gallery. iPhot imports that as well
    - I get in my iPhoto all the photos I make in Evernote, which is totally unnecesseary. Those are note related pictures, usually work related. I don't want them mixed with iPhoto, which is private pictures.
    - I also get all the Android screenshots and even the MMS pictures.

    How an I control this better?
    10-11-2014 04:41 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There's no "Camera gallery", there are folders, one of which is named Camera. There should be something in the Mac program that allows you to choose which folders you import pictures from.
    10-11-2014 09:12 PM

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