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    I am wanting my S4 to use the speakerphone (loud speaker) as the default speaker on incoming and outgoing calls. I just came off of iPhone running iOS 8.0.2 which has that very option, to allow you to switch between answering and calling modes: Ear speaker mode, Loud speaker mode, each having their own option of which to use on in & out calls. I really like that feature. That way, I just put my device on auto answer (after 4 rings), let the call come in, then have totally hands free conversation. I used that a lot on my iPhone, when both hands are busy doing something ( I repair cellular devices) I don't have to stop when in the middle of a tedious task. I have been all over the settings on the S4 several times, I can not find that option any where, surely Samsung and/or Android (v4.4.2) devs. would have that feature, it is so useful. Anyone know where I can find that option ? or is that option even available. Thanks in Advance for any Help.
    10-12-2014 04:06 AM

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