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    i followed each and every step given in the google api v2.0 page.
    - modified the manifest file to access permission , meta data etc.
    - add the google play services project to be referenced by our project.
    - But the keytool to obtain the SHA1 code is been bit of a problem. when i try to give the command in the root directory it flashes an error "keytool not a vaalid win32 application".
    But when i run the same command in the directory where the keytool.exe is located it accepted the command and gave a SHA1 code.
    - when done with gaining the api key from the google servers , i then added it to the meta data android:value.
    - Then i added the sample fragment code to be added to our activity.xml.
    - I had done all that was required but the app seems to crash.

    I dont seem to know what went wrong in the procedure. please help me out here.
    10-12-2014 11:54 AM

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