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    Hey everyone. First off I am a Canadian with Bell mobility and just got a S5 active and love it but went the next day to buy a fit. So I followed the directions and tried to download the app but it would not show up. I went to the Bell store and the girl there tried with a normal s5 and was able to connect with the app. So we called Samsung and talked to 3 different people and they said 3 different things from the fit won't work with any s5 to no idea and not compatible with the active. One more thing to mention is that it would show up in Bluetooth but after selecting the fit it says no content to download but one time it updated half a Meg. One more thing is I was only able to connect to the fit2. So after all that story I am wondering if anyone has had the same issue as me or is there a fix? (Everything is updated as well) I see that at in the states sell them as a package so what gives? Thanks for the long read and look forward to hearing from you.
    10-12-2014 07:19 PM

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