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    I do a Google search and find contact information for a company. I want to import that companies information into an Android contact. I do not see a way of importing the contact information into contacts. With an Iphone this is very easy to do.
    10-14-2014 08:18 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    There could be an app for this, but where are you looking this information up? On the device or on a different device? Either way Google Goggles might work for you. It used to import business cards into your contacts, I don't see how this would be much different. You would have to fill the screen of your device with the information, so very little to no extra stuff on screen, and then take a screenshot. On an outside device, again fill the screen with little or nothing else and take a photo with Goggles. I don't know what setting I'm using but anytime I take a screenshot Goggles automatically looks things up for me, and whenever I open the app and show it an address or barcode it automatically captures it without me even having to snap the pic. Thinking about this now, if any of the information you are looking up has a 2D code it would definitely capture it from that. Those codes I think tell it that they are contact information which would prompt it to save as a new contact.
    10-14-2014 08:29 AM

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