1. Legendarical's Avatar
    Hello! I have a Samsung Tab S 8.4 , I need to ask if these temperature values are normal... It's the Wifi variant with Exynos Octa 5420.

    When the device is idle its usually at 33'C to 38'C

    When I am hovering around the homescreen (Touchwiz) with 1-2 apps running in background. Temperature rises 45'C to 52'C , sometimes even 58'C

    Whilst Gaming , such as me playing Sonic Dash, the temperature rised to 58'C min to 68'C , Rarely, very rarely at 70'C but drops instantly.

    Are these Values normal?
    Sometimes, when doing multitasking , the temperature value reaches 72'C , despite not gaming which shocks me , but drop instantly. Is that normal?
    The temperature values are always fluctuating , is that normal too ?

    Thank you, in advance to anyone who replies.
    10-16-2014 03:18 AM
  2. Devhux's Avatar
    I don't think you have to worry too much. Given how rapidly the processor is adjusting clock speeds / number of cores actively in use, temperature fluctuations are perfectly normal. As for the temperatures, I don't think it's an issue either. There's no fan to keep the processor cool, and given that it seems to drop quickly from 70 degrees tells me that the processor is probably throttling a bit to help reduce the temperature.
    10-16-2014 04:16 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Samsung doesn't release the datasheet, but there's a setting (for timing) for 85 degrees C, so the CPU core should be good to that, at least. (The plastic of the case will probably start melting before the CPU gets damaged. If you feel that the case is getting soft around the CPU, turn the tab off.)
    10-16-2014 04:39 PM
  4. Legendarical's Avatar
    I appreciate your response gentlemen!
    My tablet usually goes upto around 72'C Max mostly when running heavy games/ heavy multitasing, and when it does, it drops almost instantly

    However, what frustrates me is that, just scrolling around Homescreen and maybe even alittle browsing would bump up the CPU temperature to 40'C-55'C. I hope this doesn't affect the stamina/life of my device.
    When the device is idle, it's usually around 29'C to 38'C which isn't bad at all. c:
    10-16-2014 05:45 PM

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