1. Michelle Gardiner's Avatar
    My straight talk LG L55C keeps turning on & off, can only use it with the charger plugged in. The phone is only like 4 or 5 months old if that. I am not sure what is going on. says it is fully charged, so not sure why it is doing this. when I try to use it in any way it goes off, comes back on only to the LG screen, then repetes. never boots up al the way. Until I plug it into the charger. Looks like this phones has this issue a lot, can someone please help?
    10-17-2014 02:33 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums.☺

    With any luck, it will just be a battery problem. See whether you can try a good one at a friendly repairer's, or get the battery condition tested.
    Also, have you got an SD card in the phone? It may just be causing problems if duff.

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    10-17-2014 03:53 PM

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