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    So I recently upgraded from my Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S5. I purchased a 64 GB Scandisk SD card to transfer my photos from the old phone to the new.

    I used the system File manager on my S3 to "move" photos from my device storage to the SD card. I moved close to 10GB of photos on the card. However, when i plugged the SD card in my Galaxy S5 the photos do not show up in the gallery. The album folders show, and it even shows that I have photos in those albums BUT all of those photos "fail to load".

    At first I thought that the data was corrupted, but then I tested it by plugging the SD card in my laptop and I was able to view those photos on there. I even plugged my SD card back in my S3 and they show up there as well. I plugged the card in my buddy's S4 and encountered the same problem that I had with my S5.

    My next step is to take the photos off the card, format it, and then move the photos back on there. But this step would be time consuming and I wanted to make sure there wasn't an easier solution available.

    Please help.
    10-20-2014 03:42 PM

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