1. cazkgec's Avatar
    I have unlocked my Sony xperia J using steps provided in Sony's website. Then rooted my device with Easy-rooting-toolkit and got SuperSu app installed in my phone. Now I'm confused about my next move. I want to install a custom ROM to get rid of all those unnecesary apps installed by Sony. Please help.
    10-24-2014 12:53 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    You're confusing two things. You root the ROM you're currently running. If you flash another ROM, you'll most likely be flashing a rooted ROM. (I've actually never seen a custom ROM that wasn't rooted, although CM may now be releasing their ROMS unrooted - I don't know.)

    If you want to remove bloat you have two choices:

    1) Flash a custom ROM that has no bloat. (The phone doesn't have to be rooted to do that.) I don't know how to flash ROMs in an Xperia, but someone here can probably help you with that (it's probably some program you have to run from a computer, or it may be a file you have to copy to the SD card - different phones use different methods to flash ROMs).

    2) Use Application Manager to uninstall what you don't want. (I'd suggest using an app like Link2SD to freeze the app first. Then if after about a week, you have no problems, you can uninstall it. If freezing it causes problems [freezing keeps the app from running] you can just use Link2SD to unfreeze it.)

    Rooting, then flashing a rooted ROM, is like washing your hands before getting them dirty, then washing them again. The first step was a waste of effort. (Rooting is just installing the file su in the /system folder [you need temporary root to do that, which is why we use apps that exploit holes in the system] and an app like SuperSU so that apps that need root can use SuperSU to access su to get root. It's all within the ROM. Flashing a new ROM overwrites all that work, because the new ROM already has su and a superuser-type app. Just flashing it, without having rooted the phone first, would give you root.)
    10-24-2014 06:00 PM

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