1. blkwidow25's Avatar
    Hi, yesterday my low battery warning came on. So I charged the phone when I got home. Now when I try to make a call the screen lights up and there appears to be about 3-5 black vertical lines in the background. The phone hasn't been dropped or exposed to any water. What can I do?
    10-24-2014 08:34 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    About all you can do is bring it to a repair shop to get a diagnosis. There are a few things that can cause that problem, from a bad screen to a bad cable to a bad motherboard. Just replacing parts until you get the right one (assuming you do everything right and don't break anything - which isn't likely if you aren't an experienced cellphone technician) will probably cost a lot more than paying a shop to figure out what's causing the problem and fixing it. (If the phone is under warranty, use it - bring it back and ask for a repair or replacement.)
    10-24-2014 03:40 PM

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