1. srhamm's Avatar
    I must have messed up a setting somewhere. When I plug in my earphone cable from phone to auxiliary on car radio, my LG L3 doesn't switch over; it keeps playing through the phone's speaker. Help?

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    10-29-2014 09:19 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Make sure the phone's headphone jack and the car's aux jack don't have any debris caught in there. Use a bottle of compressed air to blow the jacks out.

    Can you test that aux cable on some other audio device, to make sure it isn't a cable issue?
    10-29-2014 09:30 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Since plugging in a plug that's not connected to anything should mute the phone, I'd guess at a defective jack, unless you keep the phone in a pretty linty location. That could cause the kind of malfunction B. Diddy is talking about, but it's a lot more rare than defective jacks.
    10-30-2014 12:37 AM
  4. srhamm's Avatar
    It's not a bad cable or lint. I uninstalled Audible app cuz i think that's when the problem started. Behavior is unpredictable, maybe. When playing a trailer on m.youtube.com, it recognized the plugged in cable, but not on Pandora. But I tricked it by first playing youtube then multitasking the Pandora app and it worked once. More thoughts?

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    10-30-2014 10:14 PM
  5. Rukbat's Avatar
    Something flaky in some software somewhere in the phone - the ROM, Pandora, Youtube, somewhere. Since I don't have source code for any of them, I wouldn't even try to make a wild guess as to what's interacting with what. Finding the name of the guy who discovered how to produce fire when wanted would probably be easier.
    10-30-2014 11:42 PM

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