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    Hey, I have a few questions about the new nexus 6, which will help me determine whether to buy it or not.

    1. My first smartphone was an iphone, it had a alittle button on the side, to automatiaclly silence it, instead of as in android, you'd have to silence through the volume buttons, why doesn't any android phones have this feature?, is it a copyright/patent thing? I haven't found one so far to have this feature, does the nexus 6 have it?

    2. The new Google os, Android Lolipop, the quick settings, are they customizeable? or is it a fixed set of settings you can change, and you can't customize/change that?

    3. Does the new Android Lolipop have some kind of lock on the home screen. I don't mean when you turn it off, i mean when you're on the home screen, and hold on an icon, it will move it. Currently I'm using Nova Launcher, which will lock it and when you try to move things, you won't be able to unless you unlock in it their settings. Does the new os have such a feature?

    4. How does the "wireless charging work"?, I tried to google this, but then it'll just... give me a wiki site of how the physics work, I'm not intressted in that. I'd like to know how you do it?. Do you put it on a platform?, how far away can it be from the "platform/charger"?, What does it look like?, size?

    5. Why is the nexus 9 cheaper than the nexus 6?

    6. I heard it was waterproof?, is this true?

    Thanks, for your help
    10-30-2014 02:59 PM

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