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    So a while ago I deleted some pictures off gallery because they were auto backed up with picasa web albums. The auto back up folder in gallery bothered me so i wanted to get rid of it. I cleared data for gallery to get rid of the folder but it would also get rid of the other picturs in my gallery, which i didn't care about. I didn't think to check my Google+ to see if they were still there so the other day i went to look at the pictures and they are gone. Can i get the photos back?
    11-01-2014 10:11 AM
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    If the pictures were on your SD card, put the card into a USB adapter, plug it into a PC and use PhotoRec. If there's anything there (including files you don't want), it'll recover it. (Many people would pay hundreds of dollars for that program, but it's free. It's worth having on a CD just in case.)

    If the pictures were in the phone's internal storage and you don't already have a deleted file recovery app installed (and the phone rooted - you can't recover deleted files if the phone isn't rooted), the chances are slim, because rooting the phone and/or installing the app could overwrite the data of some of the deleted pictures. (You'll recover a picture with the top half okay, but the bottom half garbage - things like that.) PhotoRec can't recover anything from your phone - it needs physical access to the computer it's running on. (It becomes the computer's operating system while it's running.)

    There's no single place Gallery keeps pictures, it just shows you any pictures stored anywhere on the phone. Media Scanner runs when you start (or restart) the phone abnd builds a database of media files. That's what Gallery uses to find and display pictures.
    11-01-2014 02:50 PM

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