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    I got this phone almost 2 weeks ago and, as I downloaded more and more music, the internal storage soon ran out. I bought an SD card yesterday and started to transfer some of the music and photos - the photos were successfully transferred. However, I received a notification telling me that the transfer had been interrupted. My internal storage is still 85% full; everytime I try to transfer the music to the SD card, I get the same notification telling me that the "transfer has been interrupted". Is there anyway I can fix this problem??

    Also, when I check to see what files I have on my internal storage or SD card, some of the most recent music is not showing up on either...? But they show up on the Play Music app. How can I find these files and move them to the SD card? Please help!
    11-01-2014 01:37 PM
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    If it's paid music, it may not be able to be moved. You pay for the right to have it on one device - the device it downloaded to. (You aren't buying the music, you're buying the right to play it.) Putting it on the SD card would allow you to play it on other devices - which would violate the copyright that gives you the right to play it on only one device. (Play Music allows up to 10 devices, but not SD cards.)

    Edit: There is an external SD card setting in settings. Try that. (I gave it a quick try but couldn't find anything on the card that looked like the content I'd been listening to.)
    11-01-2014 02:58 PM

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