1. AC Question's Avatar
    I just replaced my Galaxy S3 with the Note 4. It pairs fine every time I get in the car but when I try to make a call through my Ford SYNC system it starts the call and then hangs up immediately and displays a message saying that the phone can't complete the call. If I unlock the Note 4 and then use SYNC to make the call it works. Is anyone else having this problem? It worked with my S3 without having to unlock the screen before calling.
    11-01-2014 03:18 PM
  2. NTar79's Avatar
    No I have no problem with this issue. I'm unsure of how to tell you to correct it. I have the Ford Sync and mine does just fine. It pairs when I get in the car and calls come through and I can make calls without unlocking screen. Contact your provider and see if there is some technical support they can help you with. Likely it is something minor in the settings. Unlike you I'm having problems with mine sometimes not wanting to make calls period. I call. The other person picks up and I can't hear anything. No dial tone or anything.
    11-04-2014 12:19 AM

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