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    I installed this app called Ear Spy and one app caller Is something that was supposed to be able to record phone conversations - for personal reasons - separated from hubby and unfortunately we are headed toward the divorce arena, he mailed his back to me and that the one I have been using because the other one has a smashed screen. I need my bookmarks and saved pages off that one too! I had saved some very important docs for offline reading - cant get to them. Help help help! I am so incredibly frustrated - I searched and searched ..... 1st and foremost I need the sound to make and receive calls from potential employers on the one phone... 2nd ...How can I retrieve texts, phone logs, bookmarks and other saved data from the other one. one phone - no sound on is on 4.3 and the broken one is on 4.1.2 or something.... I am so upset ... I'm broke and I am going to lose my house and everything else (to put more sour icing on my spoiled life) if I cant figure something out FAST!!!!!! Please help me. All suggestions/advice/tools are welcome. I am fairly savvy with computer OS and have been slowly learning the android technology. I feel like jumping off a bridge ....(I wouldn't) but I am depressed to the max !!!! thanks so much ... Tx Gal. ... oh is it possible to attempt to swap the screens out??? I haven't tried because I am afraid to screw the one up so I wont be able to even get texts, email or internet service ....this is a nightmare.....
    11-01-2014 03:29 PM
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    Yes.... Swap the motherboards of the phones it's really simple on the S3.
    Go to YouTube and search for a disassembly video for the S3

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    11-02-2014 01:03 AM
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    I am getting ready go through via tether to desktop to watch this. I truly appreciate your response. I will let u know how it all goes. Grateful .. oh so grateful for the response....txgal....o
    11-03-2014 01:33 PM
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    I do not recommend working on the inside of a phone unless you've done it at least a few times under supervision. You could end up with 2 non-working phones. (I always had my technicians work on at least 6 phones of any given model under supervision - successfully - before turning them loose. The first few tries were always made on phones that didn't pay to repair - because they invariably broke something. They had to be able to do it on 6 phones without breaking anything.)

    Connect the one with the broken screen to your computer with the USB cable. (Let it find and install a driver if it asks.) Look for a Ringtones folder. That's the ringtones. Copy them to the computer. Unplug the phone and plug in the working one. Find its Ringtones folder. Put the ringtones in there.

    Then hold the Volume Up button (on the side) until it shows full volume on the screen.

    Texts, phone logs and bookmarks - if you haven't backed them up, you can't retrieve them unless you can find a repair shop that will temporarily plug in a working screen while you back them up to a laptop or to the external SD card.

    Then to make and receive phone calls ...

    Take the SIM card out of the broken one. Take the SIM card out of the working one. Switch them. The SIM card determines the phone's phone number and which account it's on. (If you can't do that, or don't want to chance it, bring the phones to one of the carrier's store.) If your carrier is Sprint or Verizon it's different - just bring the phones into the store and ask them to switch your number to the working phone. (The equivalent of the SIM card for them is an entry in their database, but as long as you own the phones, or you and your [soon-to-be-ex-husband, I guess - my sympathies for that] own the phones, there won't be a problem - it'll take 5 minutes once you get someone to help you.)

    Now if you call the phone it should ring.
    11-03-2014 05:40 PM

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