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    (Sorry for the repost but I couldn't find the "reply to thread" option with the first post. Boy do I feel out of touch with dem newfangled phoneses and technologieses.) Really pleased with how well you guys answered me the last time.

    To help fix the problem, I received advice to "go ahead and clear data," and suggestion that a third-party app is the culprit. Last third-party app activity is that I deleted twitter off of my phone right before this started, by holding down the icon and moving it to "Remove." The icon is no longer on my front screen or in my app menu.

    Steps I took...

    1. Cleared data
    2. Repeated steps 1-4 with same results.
    3. My camera is accessing my internal memory and not my SD card. Can't figure out how to make it access the SD card again.

    I restarted the device before trying steps 1-4.

    If you would like me to try switching the access to SD card again next I will.

    Initial post is below. Thanks!


    I would like to be able to use my camera again on my Galaxy Centura (Straight Talk). Here is how I encounter the problem:

    1. I select Camera from my app menu
    2. device brings me to a blank (black) screen, with button, camera/video selection, and last picture taken menu visible at the "bottom" of the screen (depending on the orientation of the phone)
    3. I check to see if the lens is blocked or dirty; it is neither
    4. I click on the shutter button - error message appears: Camera error Can't connect to the camera. I click ok.

    5. I select Settings from my app menu, then select Apps
    6. I choose "All" then "Camera"
    7. My cache is at 0.00 percent (I cleared it about 24 hours ago, right before I noticed this problem). The readouts are as follows: Total: 64.00KB; App: 0.00B; USB storage app: 0.00B; Data: 64.00KB; SD card: 0.00B.

    I am hesitant to clear Data because I do not want to lose my pictures; I am in the process of running them off tonight, so I can do whatever is needed to fix this problem.

    Clearing my cache to fix this problem won't work, it is already at 0.00.

    The camera is "version 1"

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    11-01-2014 08:07 PM
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    Yes, I remember it well....hello again. Joining as a member may make posting easier....you'll be welcome.
    If a third-party app is interfering with the normal functioning of a stock app (I mean by that, one that's installed in the phone when you buy it new), then there are basically two things you can do....1) uninstall the app; simply removing the app icon from the home screen doesn't do that....or did you select Uninstall after long-pressing, rather than Remove?
    2) Enter Safe Mode. This temporarily disables all third-party apps. The idea is that you re-enable them one by one until the trouble recurs, thus identifying the culprit which can then be uninstalled. It can be a lengthy business though, doing it via Safe Mode.

    SD cards can be troublesome so you may care to Unmount and Remove it, although I think the rogue app idea is more likely to be true.

    (You say you have trouble with technology. I opened a tin of peas earlier, a fairly basic life skill you would think, and managed to cause the green water inside to explode over half the kitchen. This is the person who is presuming to advise you about phones.)

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    11-01-2014 08:34 PM

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