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    I carry with me 2 phones all the time - BB Q10 (stays for now) and Huawei P1 XL that is due for upgrade (T-Mobile network).

    The problem is - I don't like Android but I need it. I actually hate Android for only one reason - no control of the multitasking is really given to the user. For example, I want my browser to have super high priority so it never dumps the pages I've loaded. Even if that means getting "Low Memory" warnings or not able to open more apps until I
    close some other apps. There is also a few more apps that I need them to behave the same way and last time I bothered with this there was still no 100% solution. When I have asked for help before, ppl reply it's the developer's fault that the app closes after a while but I continue to blame Android (actually, ther iPhone is the really guilty one here but that is another story) and that will not change. (Remind you Nokia had real multitasking when iPhone couldn't even do MMS).

    So, the phone needs to have 3 GB of ram and that is a must.
    I went to T-Mobile store and spend almost 2 hours comparing Sony Z3 and LG G3 (excluding the NOTE4 as it is even bigger and I don't like phones that big).
    The problem?
    Both phones have similar issue - there is plenty of available RAM but certain apps and browser pages are dumped.
    For example, I opened 5 desktop tabs in Chrome, opened another 10 apps (while monitoring the RAM) and went back to Chrome (over 500 mb of free RAM at this point). Chrome didn't re-load the current tab, but it did so with the other 4 tabs. Same thing is happening with certain apps. It acts similarly on both phones, with the Z3 holding up a bit better. However, the Z3 has limitation of the number of resent apps (didn't get the count) and after a while the Chrome eventually disappeared from resent apps window. So either the free RAM statistic is inaccurate or those phones don't take advantage of the extra RAM.

    I am 30 years old, use both phones for business and news reading, may be some videos (rarely). NO GAMES. I like how my BlackBerry multitasking (although it's still not perfect) much better than the Android's but I can not have 2 BlackBerry phones.

    So, is there any solution to my problem? Custom ROM/Phone/Hack - what ever it is, I just want to priorities the open apps so the important ones always stay open or paused or whatever it is called (the point is to continue from the same screen I left it without re-loading).

    P.S. In case anybody wonders, Z3 has 100 mb less available (e.g. unreserved) although it has smaller resolution (I was imagining the G3 has more GPU RAM reserved).
    11-02-2014 10:02 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I think the issue here is that you're expecting Android to do what it was never quite designed to do. True multitasking is not one of the core functions of Android--this is one of the things the Blackberry Playbook and now BB10 could always do better than Android. But some devices have workarounds--you could check out the MultiWindow feature of Samsung devices: How to use Multi Window on the Samsung Galaxy S5 | Android Central. LG phones have something similar called Slide Aside: http://www.androidcentral.com/slide-...ing-feature-g2
    11-03-2014 12:10 AM

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