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    Looking fr a smartwatch, either for my birthday next week or for Christmas.

    Currently, it seems that if I want a watch that I can make and take calls from (driving, phone in briefcase, whatever) the only choice is the Gear 2. The Gear 2 is also the only one of the current crop that is Galaxy only, so when I give up my S4, I'm tied to S5 or Note 4. I won't be able to give it to my iphone-loving wife if I want to change watches. (Same appears to go for the Gear S, but at an additional $100).

    If my main desire is to get vibrate notifications on my wrist, where I will have a harder time missing calls, it appears the plastic Pebble fits the bill. If I want to make and take calls from my wrist AND move from Samsung to Sony to Apple, I appear to be out of luck, on everything currently even leaked (same for Ok Googling, minus the iOs compatibility).

    So, basically, have I correctly convinced my self that either a plastic or steel Pebble is the way to go now, and I need to wait another 6+ months to see if what I want comes out?
    11-02-2014 04:08 PM

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