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    Before I used androids, i had a phone that has a sd card in it. I could freely move file into it because I'm running out of space or just to put files there cus it's big. The sd card would also automatically put files into the external sd when internal space is full. That made everything so much easier how I don't have to manually put every single file into the external.

    Now I have a S5 and Tab S, both samsung, and I put a sd card in. I was shocked and angry when I couldnt put any files like pictures or videos in! I can't even make a folder in the sd card! My tab is running out of space so I tried putting one of my movies in the Videos app that comes with the device and it says not enough storage space. I was like wth, what is my sd card doing?? My old phone would just automatically put that video in the sd card plus I csun move it into any folder. Now it's like the sd isn't even in sync or a part of my phone /tab. So I can't put videos in a default video app to view videos because it only shows files from internal storage?? So now if I find a way to put the movie in the external, I'd have to use another app or video storage on my home screen?

    Ugh I'm so confused why.. These devices are so advanced and I thought is way better than apple. But it's also so restricting! Most likely I can put the did card in the computer and put files in that way but wth its not even acting line part of my phone /tab, and is such a hassle..
    11-02-2014 10:32 PM
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    11-02-2014 10:44 PM

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