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    How you doin, guys?
    My Desire 816 used to lose internet connection suddenly while browsing web or using apps although everything seems right:
    Network signal is strong. The "h" symbol exists normally in the status bar. But with incoming arrow deactivated.

    This problem disappears when I restart the device.
    Solutions like : disabling mobile data then enabling it Or switching to airplane mode then disabling it donot work.

    When I switch network to gsm only mode, the internet come back . But with 2g slow connection. When I switch to gsm/cdma or cdma only I lose internet again .

    I hope that you can help!
    Thanks in advance
    11-03-2014 02:24 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Have you checked that the SIM card is not defective, or tried the phone with another?

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    11-03-2014 02:43 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    It could be an intermittent SIM card, an intermittent SIM card socket or the network could be having problems. (The network loses the internet just long enough for you to notice it and while you're restarting the device it comes back.)

    If it were me, I'd bring the phone to the carrier and ask them to check it out. (If it's a network problem, there's nothing you can do, they're probably aware of it nd are working on it. If it's a flaky SIM card, they'll probably just give you a new one. If it's a bad socket it would depend on whether the phone is in warranty.

    Another possibility is that the modem firmware is corrupt. A modem reflash (which they can also do) would fix that.
    11-03-2014 05:55 PM
  4. Goutbi's Avatar
    I have the same problem it's annoying,, plz share if u found a solution for it
    12-15-2014 06:33 PM

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