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    i love handwriting and handwriting recognition ability.

    Q1) so does onenote for android 4.4.2 note3 neo support handwritten notes?

    Q2) does evernote for windows 7 lenovo idea centre supports "ink"?

    i know for sure evernote has handwriting thing on android, and onenote is famous for handwritten notes on pc. but is the reverse true. cause my onenote account expired last year and evernote account will expire next year. i'll have to make a decision then and i need something with handwriting on pc, tablet/phablet and across ios, windows and android.

    those who couldn't believe the words "ios" and "handwriting " in a single sentence can be used but some not so secret rumors about some patents are making rounds.

    but as of now even crossplatform handwriting ability between just windows and android will be great, ios isn't a necessary thing.
    11-03-2014 01:29 PM

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