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    i don't care for the flavour of android on my sony handset (although it could be worse (thinking of samsung and shudders)). it's full of stuff i don't use, don't need and don't want. you'll tell me to deactivate these totally worthless pieces of software (which i doubt anyone use for that matter), and sure this probably works even though i have seen some of it spring back to life BY ITSELF. anyway, i'm positively allergic to having crap on my device just sitting idle. besides all this, i was hoping to get some sweet taste of android lollipop, but it seems sony will not roll it out until "some time" next year for my device.

    so, long story short: how do i get rid of this android ruined by sony and install a plain android on my xz1c?
    11-03-2014 03:16 PM

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