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    Hello, thank you so very much for your support.

    I would very much like to completely disable the autocomplete function when typing into Chrome's omnibox on my Android device. I have searched extensively, and I know how to disable "Search and URL suggestions", however this does not stop Chrome from suggesting my own previous searches (or bookmarks, I believe). I know how to delete individual previous searches, but I do not want to have to do that each time. I have seen recommendations which require a custom search engine, however I do not have the ability to add a custom search engine in the Android operating system.

    The reason this is such a significant issue is because I use Google Keyboard's Gesture Typing. As a result, if I gesture-type (through swiping) a word while Google is autocompleting the search, it does not provide a space. For example, if I type in "android" because I want to search for "android productivity widgets", I type in "android" and then start gesturing for "productivity". However, once I begin gesturing for that second word, suddenly "android stock notifications" comes up (it was a previous search), where "[space]stock notifications is highlighted". Thus, when I complete my swipe for "productivity" it replaces the highlighted phrase, including the space. As a result, there is no space between "android" and "productivity". Thus, I have to delete the "productivity" in "androidproductivity", and then type a space before I again gesturing "productivity".

    Every single time I search for anything I have to hope that I didn't search for something similar to it. I do not see the autocomplete until I start my next swipe/gesture. Using this keyboard in any other application automatically creates spaces between words, so I do not want to have to train myself to always hit space after the first word in Chrome searches. If it's worth knowing, without a resolution this issue is enough for me to stop using Chrome entirely on my Android device.

    I am using Chrome version 38.0.2125.114 2125114 for Android 4.4.4 (on a Droid Turbo).

    Again, thank you so much for your support.
    11-03-2014 09:41 PM

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