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    My box has a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and we've set up his work account on it. He reports that his appointments don't always sync. He does really know if there is a pattern but he uses his Note much more than his BlackBerry so when he's checking his Galaxy at night or first thing in the morning and it doesn't sync he runs into conflicts when he gets into work and checks his calendar in Outlook. We use Active Directory and Exchange with Outlook and Blackberry Z10s to keep people connected to their mail and their calendars. Since he couldn't give any indication as to what items weren't syncing or when, I took his Note and logged into his Outlook to do some tests. If I create an appointment on the Note, it would not show up in his Outlook calendar. If I create an appointment in his Outlook calendar, it will not show up on his Note. His account sync is set to Push with Peak Schedule also Push. Maybe it needs to be set to sync at specific intervals but I'd like to get it to sync more often than every 5 minutes.

    Is there a way to get it to sync more reliably? Or a third party app to sync it? Or is it just 'working as intended' and we have to accept it that way?

    I think he might sync with a cable at home but I can't verify that at the moment. Otherwise I don't' understand how the Note got the other appointments in the Note's calendar.
    11-04-2014 09:50 AM

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