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    I just purchased a BLU Life Play after breaking my old one. The phone comes factory with Jelly Bean 4.2. I was hoping for the update to KitKat, and did get the upgrade. But I hate it.

    Honestly, I'm a simple phone user. I don't have data, so most features I can only use with wifi anyway, and I travel a lot so I really just like having a phone that can connect with wifi occasionally.

    That being said, I mostly hate the KitKat interface, and a few other changes. The phone processes and apps seem to run slower on KitKat, which is really getting to me. I'm also having issues when I try to view open apps, it says none are open, even though I have multiple open. I have to exit, and try to view the open apps again. Many times the image of the app is also incorrect (such as, I have Whatsapp open but the app image is for SnapChat)

    Also, I miss how customizable JellyBean seemed compared to KitKat. I downloaded lots of ringtones saved to my SD card, and the KitKat audio options does not see those or display them as an option.

    Any way to fix these issues? If not, is it even possible to downgrade my phone back to Jellybean? My phone is unlocked, but not rooted.

    Thanks for any help.
    11-04-2014 08:46 PM

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