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    I have had the screen and digitizer replaced on my phone twice now. The last time was due to it being dropped. It was replaced by a cell phone repair place local to me, and the new digitizer does not have the serial number stickers on it. That was a few months ago. I have not dropped the phone in any way since then nor has it ever been near any sort of water.
    The issue I am having now, is that half of the screen (left) is totally full of vertical, multi-colored lines. The lines are covering the entire left side of the screen (from the middle). The right side of the screen is very shakey and blurry. Its like double or triple vision. Here is the odd part: When I go to the camera app, the entire screen works perfectly. If i press the power button, the screen still works as normal. however, when I exit the camera, the screen returns to its broken state. Also, when playing youtube videos in the horizontal position only, the screen works perfectly.
    To me, this appears to be a software issue, but I cannot find anyone else with the same problem. It is a M919, t-mobile and I took the phone to them but I do not have insurance and they say they will not warranty it because of the replaced screen (original was black, this one is white)...

    Can anyone help me get this thing fixed on the cheap?? Thanks!!!
    11-04-2014 07:55 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I doubt it's a software issue. Considering the phone has sustained damage and required a screen replacement by a local repair shop (and not a Samsung service center), I would guess a suboptimal repair job, perhaps with parts of questionable quality. Did that repair shop guarantee its work? A good shop ought to. I would bring the phone back to them and show them the problem. If they refuse to guarantee it, or tell you it will cost more to fix again, then maybe you should contact Samsung for repair.
    11-05-2014 12:29 AM

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