1. Mike Elayazra's Avatar
    I'm sure a lot of people asked this question, please bare with me, my first time here.
    I want to keep unlimited data on my phone,
    I have 2 iphones, first my wife has an iPhone 5 with 2gigs for $30.00 I have Iphone 4 with unlimited data for $30.00, both phones are eligible for upgrades, wife does not care about upgrading Iphone 5 because she likes it, I would like the Iphone 6.
    Can I upgrade her phone to an iphone 6, activate it, let her use it for a month and then tell Verizon the iphone 6 broke or something happened to it and I would need to reactivate her old iphone 5 back on her number and then later take her iphone 6 and activate it under my number and keep my unlimited data plan.
    11-05-2014 12:54 PM

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