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    Hi guys! My name is Arturo. I rooted my phone (Galaxy s 2 plus i9105p) with Android 4.2 kitkat and Cyanogenmod 11 Unofficial. I tried later to install a heavy game but it said that -the game is not compatible with your device. So I changed the model of my phone (.build) to the new one Samsung galaxy S5 (SM-G900F). Now I can see the apps that did not appeared previously (Google Store) but now I cant download them because of the space (Galaxy s2 plus shares internal memory). Thus, I downloaded as you suggested the ROEHSOFT Ram expander and the trial version to see if my kernel is compatible, just to realize that it is not compatible (Your device kernel is not swap compatible). Now I understand that there are a couple of things I can do. I know that I need to download the correct kernel first, or perhaps I could create a Link2SD file, or whatever, but I would really , but really prefer your advice, what do you think I should do? Could you please give me a step by step answer with links or alike? I love your formum and I think is one of the most complete ones in the market. So I would appreciate the help.
    11-06-2014 03:34 AM

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