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    The person that setup my phone at Walmart registered my phone using the wrong sim card from t-mobile. I left t-mobile because I could not get coverage. I did not realize he had put in the wrong sim card until I got home because I still was not getting a signal so I switched the t-mobile sim card for the at&t sim and then called Straight Talk to put in the proper apn. It was working great but for some reason the wifi calling feature kept coming up with Invalid sim card error 05. I called Straight Talk again and it was fixed by someone there but when I went to pay for the month using a card I lost the ability to get or send text messages. They reset my phone and now I am back with the same problem. I keep calling straight talk but no one seems to understand or how to fix this problem. After calling, too many times to count, I then called t-mobile. They said they could see the original registered sim card serial # but it was marked as deactivated They could not find the serial # at all for the at&t card. Can you help. It was originally fixed in the apn section I believe.
    11-07-2014 12:27 PM
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    Get on Facebook. Go to Straight Talk. Ask for help there. They put their best people on Facebook, not on the tech help number. (Don't ask me why - some things are just beyond the ability of mortals to understand.)
    11-07-2014 01:33 PM

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