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    I have a galaxy S4 phone. Not rooted, nothing fancy added or done to it. I've been using my card successfully for a year. I just randomly got a message in my task bar saying that my SD card was safe to remove. I tried to remount it under settings but it's saying it's blank. I'm currently balling my eyes out because my grandmother (who was like a mother to me) just very recently passed away and videos and pictures of her were on there . I haven't had a chance to back anything up since her passing. I removed the card and reinserted and restarted the phone to no avail. I'm not too down with the tech lingo so please go easy on me. Is there ANYTHING I can do to retrieve my lost pics and videos? A software or something that someone's had success with? Or anything simple I can do that I haven't found on Google? Please help! I'm so desperate.

    Thank you so much!!!
    11-08-2014 12:26 AM
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    Download PhotoRec Burn it to a disk.

    Put the SD card into a USB adapter, so you can plug it into the computer.

    Restart the computer and if it says to press a key to boot from CD, press a key.

    PhotoRec will recover anything that looks liike a file it recognizes (if you look on the site you download it from, you'll see that it recognizes file types you never heard of, and also every picture and video format there is.) Let it recover everything, then pick and choose the files you want to keep. (They'll be saved on your hard drive.)

    Then back up the ones you're saving to at least one cloud account.

    Once it's done (it could take many, many hours), try to format the card. If it doesn't format, it's shot. This time, buy a SanDisk card. (They're the ones that invented the technology, they make the best cards and they're an easy company to work with if you have a problem.)
    11-08-2014 01:08 AM

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