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    i recently purchased a htc one from gazelle. The phone came already rooted which I did not know about prior to the purchase which isn't that big of a deal. When trying to charge the phone it would not accept a charge at all. I tried a factory reset through the twrp which is installed on the phone and is version 2.6.0 and erased the os somehow. the phone is not recognized on my computer which is running windows 8. Ive tried pretty much every aspect from the usb otg cable to load roms through twrp to updating the intel 3.0 drivers on my computer still nothing. Everytime the phone reboots straight into twrp and will not boot into any rom that I flash. Im literally ready to give up on this phone but I still hold out a little hope that maybe I can get it to work some how.
    11-08-2014 12:26 AM

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