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    SO... *sigh* I have a rooted LG ms769 and i was trying to find ways to move installed apps from my internal phone memory to my sd card (no apps work and my phone does not support that feature appearantly) so i read on a forum that if i installed a mod thing that i could do just that. (Obviously i lack the knowledge to be doing this stuff) So the (mod) said to copy the boot.img from the .zip file that i downloaded to my device root is the /system folder. I did just that and left a copy of the origional on my micro SD card.... At that point i tried to move apps to my SD without success so i thought "Mabey if i restart my phone then it will work"... BOY WAS I WRONG! after i turned my phone off, i went to turn it back on and it loaded the LG splash screen that always showed but right after that it just went to a black screen. (Normally at that moment i would see the metroPCS splash screen but now it does not show) and not only does it not show but the phone does literally nothing after the LG splash that shows for 2 seconds. The backlight stays on but nothing else. If i turn the phone off and put it on the charger it shows the battery charging splash but other than that and the LG screen it will not do anything. Ive tried Hard resetting it like i have in the past and it shows the green android with a spinning thing on it for 5 seconds and it restarts, showing the LG splash like normal but still nothing afterwards. It WILL NOT let me move ANY files from the phone or the SD card during any period of time so i cant simply paste the original boot.img that i have saved on my SD card or do anything. I have looked into the matter very much and i have tried forcing google drivers to run on my pc so that i could hopefully just put the original back but that didnt work. I have the LG flash tool and all the appropriate files to supposedly reinstall the factory software but now i am stuck at this.... I have followed every instruction to the "T" and i cannot whatsoever seem to enter my LG ms769 into what they call "Download mode" I have tried holding up the plugging in the usb cord, down and home, down and home and power,...... every single combination. (always removing battery and waiting 30-90 seconds before trying again) I do not care if i lose my data or anything, i just need to have my phone working. I realize that i should never have done this in the first place so please save us some time and dont post about how i am stupid for doing this and if i didnt know that i shouldnt have been messing with this stuff, because i already know all too well that i really shouldn't. PLEASE any help with this will be lifesaving and, I hope, helpfull to others who have came across this same problem. I AM lacking any sort of android terminology so acronyms like DWP or HTD will make absolutely no sense to me at all so please me help me in a way that actually makes sense to me Truthfully i believe that if i can enter download mode that i can fix this problem so if you at least know how to enter download mode on the LG ms769 from metroPCS than I THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I THANK ALL OF ANYONE WHO HELPS ME!!! This forum is my last chance to restore my phone so please please please HELP.
    11-09-2014 11:05 AM
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    Look in the subforum for your phone here or on the XDA forums (forums.xda-developers.com), for a way to flash the stock ROM.

    For your future knowledge, not all apps can be moved to the SD card. Of those that can be, not all of them will work from the SD card. (Not all programmers are equally competent.) Of those that will work, a part of the app still has to be left in internal storage, because that's where Android looks to find an app - so you don't save as much space as you think you will.

    Use an app like App Backup & Restore to back up your apps. Then uninstall any that you don't use on a regular basis. That will give you more space. When you need that app, reinstall it, use it, then uninstall it.
    11-09-2014 03:20 PM

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