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    I went to play some music on my phone and noticed that all of my .mp3 files were gone. Actually 2 remained but they weren't songs, just some audio files that I saved from some text messages. I removed my SD card from the phone, inserted it into a reader and put it in my laptop. I was missing my Music folder but found a new folder, the LOST.DIR. It contains all my .mp3's but the title of the songs were gone, they were renamed just numbers (8, 161, 101321). Also they have no file extensions. Why did this happen and can I reverse it? I can rename all of them, re-create the music folder and delete the LOST.DIR but I have about 500 songs on there and I don't want to do it individually.
    11-09-2014 03:58 PM
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    A file in LOST.DIR is the Windows equivalent of a 0001.chk file. It's a file or piece of a file that the system found that wasn't linked to any directory entry (where, among other data, the names of the files are kept).

    You'll have to check each file, renaming it <whatever it is>.mp3 to see if it's a sound file and, if it is, what file it is - then renaming it to what the song is. A lot of the files there will be parts of songs - the rest oof the song is gone.

    It happens due to card corruption and is due to one of two things - 1) you had the phone plugged into a computer (or the card connected to it through a card reader), wrote to the card and removed it without properly unmounting it (safely removing, in Windows) or 2) the card is defective or something in the phone caused the card to become corrupt. That usually happens with the cheaper cards - which is why I buy only SanDisk cards.
    11-09-2014 06:51 PM

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