1. Nicholas Evans1's Avatar
    Ever since I downloaded the kitkat 4.4.4 update for my Galaxy s4 my phone has had 2 major problems.

    First one being the battery. It drains so fast now. I don't have any extra apps. My wifi is off. Bluetooth off. Sync off. Battery saver on. It actually got so bad that the battery swelled up so bad it looked like it was going to pop. So i bought a anker battery and still have the same issues. In the battery status screen it says my "screen" has been using up most of the power. I thought this was odd consider my phone sits in my pocket for 4 hrs and it drops 30% from sitting there. Did several cache wipes. Nothing. 2 factory resets. Nothing.

    2nd issue i have which is minor. I cant access the quick settings pannel. After you swipe down. Its the top right option next to a "gear". When i press on it, all it does is make a "bloop" sound. Its the panel that alows me turn on certain phone features. Block mode, wifi, bluetooth. Etc. I have to go through settings to access all thay stuff.

    Phone was fine until i downloaded the 4.4.4 update. Really banging my head against the wall from that mistake.
    11-13-2014 04:11 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which carrier do you have? One of our other Ambassadors, Rukbat, often recommends you talk to the carrier about any system update that messes up the phone, since it should be the carrier's responsibility to correct the problem (since it was their update). They might offer a replacement phone.
    11-14-2014 12:31 AM

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