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    Pls help me I really need an answer I beg you pls if you can read this I'll thank you kindly in my best I owe the one who is going to help me

    Bad news is my tablet got bricked or something I don't know cause I rooted it then it powered down cause only 1% battery left then when I charge it it won't open or Anything no LED or whatever no lights and whatever tried to open using power button but still wont work
    11-14-2014 03:16 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Are you sure that the battery has not failed? Allowing the charge to fall as low as 1% is not good. Try charging for 24 hours before trying to restart your tablet.
    (This requires patience, I know, but the first thing to do is to discover whether the battery is still working....unless you are able to try a new battery, or one which you know is in good condition.)

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    11-14-2014 05:11 AM
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    And in the future, try to recharge when the battery gets down to about 40%-60%. Replacing the battery in a phone can be ac cheap as $5. Replacing the battery in a tablet could cost $100 (it has to be taken apart, and you have to pay for the labor). Charging between 40% and 60% will give you the longest battery life (time between new batteries).
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    11-14-2014 01:09 PM

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