1. Sylvana Zammit's Avatar
    My jellybean Cambridge Sciences tablet stalled and I switched it off. When I switched it on again, the word DEMO in red appeared and it is on all screens. I applied factory reset and it is still there. What can I do to remove it please?
    11-16-2014 02:28 AM
  2. NNDStudio Dave's Avatar
    Hi Sylvana

    I did some research. Your device thinks it back in demo mode like in the shops when you bought it.

    a. There was another discussion on this forum. Search for "DEMO appeared in center of screen!!! Help!!!"
    - They talk about an option in your settings that you must tick off but just read it and see for yourself.

    b. Try this to enter Recovery Mode and perform Factory Reset:
    1. Begin with the tablet completely powered off (not in Sleep Mode).
    2. Press and hold the VOLUME UP button.
    3. Momentarily press the POWER button.
    4. Release the VOLUME UP button when the Android System Recovery menu appears.
    5. Press the VOLUME DOWN button twice to select "3. Reset to factory settings."
    6. Press the POWER button.
    7. At the next screen, repeatedly press VOLUME DOWN button until "Yes -- delete all user data" is selected.
    8. Press the POWER button.
    Factory Reset will be performed and the tablet will reboot into Normal Mode.

    Hope this helps

    NDDstudio Dave
    11-16-2014 04:33 AM

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