Ok I have a at&t phone flashed to tmobile and know that the standard hotspot wont work because at&t blocks it. But I have been searching a way to get past that without having to root the phone . I kinda got past it with two apps . One hotspot widget app ( I downloaded it first ).. then Foxfi app ( downloaded second). I restarted my phone and once I turned it on i went to Foxfi and turned the hotspot on and it activates the widget app also which bypasses the blocking of the hotspot by at&t . I then connect a device and works for a little (30 -40 sec. ) then by its self it turns it off and when I try to reconnect it won't until I restart the phone again but it would only repeat the process.

    Is there any other way that I can have the hotspot stay on longer ? .
    I tried the Holla app but it doesn't work with me .
    11-20-2014 01:08 AM

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