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    I am running Andorid 4.4. I use 3 account on my device, 1 Gmail, and 2 Exchange (1 Hotmail, 1 Live). I don't want the Live mail account to show up in the Android stock Email app.

    If I remove the Live account from the EMail app. it is actually removed completely from the phone. This Live account I use it only to access the Calendar (everything else is disabled). What is strange is that even though in Settings - Accounts & Sync - Microsoft Exchange - Live - account name, the only thing marked is Calendar, the Email app. not only shows the messages but also syncs to this account.

    I tried going thru settings to figure out if at least I can disable or hide so it doesn't show up, but haven't found a setting that can do that.

    On a related question, I am trying other Email apps., If I switch to another email app., is there a way to disable Email and GMail apps? The question arises because by default GMail and Email apps. would be syncying in the background, plus using resources (CPU, RAM), which wouldn't be needed as the other mail app. would also be doing this work.
    11-20-2014 08:43 AM

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