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    Hi there

    I have a HTC One Mini 2 (M8), and I'm part of a development team of an Android app. We have several devices including Samsung S3, Samsung S5 Mini, HTC One Mini (M7) and two HTC One Mini 2 (M8).
    FOr some reason, as soon as we initiate a PopupWindow, the HTC One M8 performs really bad with jerky scrolling etc.
    Turning off hardware acceleration solves that specific problem, but every other animation within the app gets slower - so it's not really an option.

    Any ideas, and do any others experience this?
    None of the other phones behaves like this, but both the HTC One Mini 2s behave like this, despite they should be one of the fastest devices.

    11-22-2014 05:55 AM

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