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    Hello, Yesterday I installed CyanogenMod 11 on my S4 via CWM. After booting up my phone I noticed that my battery was quickly draining. I plugged my phone into the charger and the phone still didn't charge. Plus the phone was getting hot. (I'm 100% certain that I don't have a battery/charger related problem)

    I'm kinda of a new guy into this custom ROM thing, I'm afraid that I damaged my phone in some way...
    So far I have done a factory reset, I changed my android version via the updater and wiped the dalvik cache.

    Please help me!

    Spec Details:
    Samsung S4 gt-i9500 International version non-LTE
    Cyanogenmod version: 11-20141119-Nightly-i9500
    Android 4.4.4
    11-24-2014 10:16 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Turn the phone off. Let it cool down. Plug in the charger. It probably won't get any warmer than it usually does when you charge it. Let it charge until it indicates that it's fully charged.

    Now turn it on. Let it run for an hour. Go to Settings/General/Battery. You'll probably notice that Android System and/or Android OS are using most of the battery. You installed a new operating system and there's a lot of housekeeping, updating, etc., that it has to do. It should settle down in a day or two, If it doesn't, download it again and flash it again. One corrupted bit in the whole download could cause some part of the system to be using a lot of CPU, draining the battery heavily (and heavy battery drain causes heat).

    BTW, wiping the Dalvik cache means that the next time you start (or restart) the phone, the cache has to be built again, which is a heavy drain on the battery - and causes the first start to take as much as 10 minutes.

    Oh, one more thing. You DID do a factory reset when you installed CM, right? You always do that when you flash a new ROM, or the new ROM may be using data from the old ROM that doesn't make any sense to it and it could take weeks before all that old data gets overwritten with real data (causing force stops, slow operation, high battery drain and a lot of other seemingly unrelated problems).
    11-24-2014 11:09 AM

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