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    OK all you knowledgeable folks you...

    I have in mind buying a stick to connect to my motorola droid bionic lapdock, which is about to become obsolete since I need to upgrade my phone. I want the best specs possible without breaking the bank, root is a feature I want but not a dealbreaker. I am looking at the specs for the MK809III and it looks good to me. With twice as many cores, twice the ram, and 1.6 times the processor speed of my droid bionic it should scream as an android laptop using the lapdock. Is there a better option, is there something I've missed, is there stuff I need to know to implement my plan? I have flashed custom roms to my Bionic, but am not too worried if I don't do that with the stick unless it gives me some major functionality it lacks without.

    I have successfully rooted my droid bionic a few times, and once un-bricked it by using the hardware buttons to set it to accept an os and flashing it via the usb and proper software using a pc, but that's a Columbus method of doing things. (discover it, and land on it). Essentially when I need to do something I do the research and find out how, then do it. I am by no means an android guru, but I know my way around a bit. Uses for this device will include media center, possibly netflix or streaming movies online, email and internet browser use, and if I can wangle it maybe some youtube uploading and editing using their online editor.

    Any suggestions or directions would be welcome.

    11-24-2014 10:57 AM

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