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    I had rooted my HTC One M8 T-Mobile Version and flashed CM11 on it and it was working fine. I then tried to flash the Team Venom ROM and it failed. I think it was because I didnt wipe the delvik so I went back and did that but in the process I somehow managed to delete EVERYTHING. I have no files on it , not even a back-up as it was deleted. I have managed to relock it and get S-On, however in the process I lost access to TWRP, the only thing I can use now is the bootloader. My PC doesnt recognize my HTC M8 either , whenever I try to use ADB it says , error: no device found, How can I get a version of android back on it? Also, it gets stuck in a bootloop everytime I try to reboot it, which is most likely because I have no files whatsoever on it. I have tried using the RUU but I continue to get error 115
    11-26-2014 07:43 PM

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