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    Hi, I have a rooted Verizon wireless Note 3 with safestrap recovery, running KitKat 4.4.2 stock rom.

    I had a 64 GB SD card that I just had sitting in the back of the phone.

    I realized that I had stored next to nothing on it and then I found out that the KitKat update disabled apps modifying the SD card. I looked up how to change the permissions. I regret that search for I now know that I should have just got an app that fixes the permissions on its own. I must have done something wrong because after editing platform.XML and a quick reboot, I was spammed with "Unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped" again and again. I found the solution to be clearing data on the contacts apk. This was only temporary... After that I thought that a way to fix the XML would be to get the app that fixed the SD card problem for me. After using it, the SD card problem was solved but I had to clear the contacts again. I thought I was good to go. After downloading some movies onto the SD card, I went to connect my wireless headphones to watch Anchorman. I slid down the status bar to turn on the Bluetooth... I pressed the ***** grey icon and then it turned that grayish green color for about 5 seconds and then went gray again! My Bluetooth wouldn't turn on no matter what I did. I went into recovery mode and fixed permissions, cleared the dalvik and cache partitions, and restarted in hopes of hearing Ron Burgundy say exactly what I felt like saying just then, "That escalated quickly." Bluetooth was still staying off. This is why I need help from somebody else here. I have searched everywhere for somebody with the same problem on the note 3 (minus the anchorman part) to no avail. Not a single working solution worked for me. Has anybody else had this problem?

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    11-27-2014 11:56 AM

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