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    Could someone help me with a bizarre problem? I had trouble transferring my data from my old Note 2. I used My Backup Pro. Not rooted. Only music and photos.

    After using it, I got my stuff, finally. Kies 3 and other apps were no help, and I had trouble because of the read-write issues with the card. It all went into internal memory.

    Along with these things! My new Note 4 isn't looking like a Note 4 anymore, and aside from the wallpaper, I can't make this "information" like the WRONG device name go away!

    The second photo displays the wrong internal memory. I DO have 32 GB.

    Please help me. This is very frustrating!

    My lock screen. Swipe. Tried everything. That is NOT the Device Name anymore. Just looks that way. Can't change the font size, add weather - nothing. And that font isn't even available on the Note 4!

    Won't let me post photos till I have 10 posts. Okay.


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    11-29-2014 11:26 PM
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    simplest thing I would do especially you having a practically new phone is get the media onto an sd card using a file manager and resetting the phone back to factory condition
    11-30-2014 12:14 AM
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    simplest thing I would do especially you having a practically new phone is get the media onto an sd card using a file manager and resetting the phone back to factory condition
    It's not "new" anymore: I have EVERYTHING on there. I couldn't go through that again. I know that would solve it, but I would have to download almost 200 apps, and the settings on them . . . uh.

    Anyway, it's such a small thing: there must be some little settings file somewhere that's doing this. It's really strange. Thanks!

    I wish I could show the photos of the lockscreen and the other one of the wrong memory. Just weird. If only I could erase the "Lock Screen Information" that would do it. Rooted users know how to do this stuff. In Windows, I know how to edit the Registry, but not in Android. As for the memory reading wrong, it's just the top level, where it says the total internal. It doesn't make any difference. But the lock screen is annoying because I can't customize it as I'd like.

    I will try to post an image Let's see: Lock Screen. I changed the photo, but that's not the name of of the device. It won't change. And the fonts size, etc. Wrong. Bizarre Display Problem After Transfer to Note 4-lockscreenwrong.jpg

    The memory glitch is not a big deal; just a display thing. Here it is: Bizarre Display Problem After Transfer to Note 4-internalmemorytotalwrong.jpg

    I did hear people were having trouble with lock screen widgets and getting the weather on there. Maybe Lollipop will overwrite all this, and that's that. Hope so.

    Thanks again!

    11-30-2014 09:04 PM
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    As far as redownloading 200 apps, try Helium. Back up everything, apps and data. Factory reset, then restore everything. Phone time, maybe 20 minutes. Human time, maybe a minute.

    (If the phone's not rooted you'll have to download a little Windows program and connect the phone to the computer to run Helium - the app gives you the link.)

    Or, if you just want the apps, not any app data, use App Backup & Restore. Same thing - mark everything, hit backup and go do something else. Factory reset, go to the right side - Archived - mark everything and restore.
    11-30-2014 11:07 PM
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    Do you think the problem is serious enough to pose problems so that I would need to do this?

    I have a couple of really tricky apps that store complex data. And it used to be stored on the SD card by default. Actually, I think that's the basis of what happened: not being able to write to SD card. In any event, I will lose my new data from at least one important app. Perhaps two. If it weren't for the SD card restrictions it really would be easy.

    If it's a serious thing, and could cause other problems, I will do it. If it's just window dressing, I will leave it until Lollipop.

    It is the strangest thing, though. Have no idea how it happened.

    Thank you!


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    12-01-2014 12:51 AM
  6. rjm_robin's Avatar
    I came up with a solution! It's not ideal, but I am not going to factory reset just for this when updates are coming down the pike soon. Sooooo . . .

    I got an app! Echo Lock Screen. I am happy.

    I will turn it off before any OTA updates, and see what happens. I do hope Lollipop writes over this, and opens up the lock screen to widgets. I swipe to unlock, but I still want a lockscreen.

    Here is what it looks like. Normal plus notifications!

    Oh, I got it to let my Gentle Alarm break through the lockscreen as it normally does.

    It only has pattern unlock for security now, and they are adding code for music/media on the lockscreen.

    It also lacks ripples, bubbles, tiles, etc. when you swipe. Small price to pay! Maybe they will add all this.

    Meanwhile, the notifications are handy!


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    12-05-2014 02:47 AM
  7. rjm_robin's Avatar
    While this "Echo Lockscreen" app is a solution, it is still not ideal. There are things I cannot do - like turn it off to go back to the regular lock screen. Now, what they do is to turn off the normal lock screen, or have you do so, and then replace it with their own.

    It's very nice, as seen below, but it's not the real lock screen. It's a replacement. This is what it looks like, now. You cannot choose which part of the picture you wish to see. It does that for you. Bummer.

    Bizarre Display Problem After Transfer to Note 4-2014-12-30-10.14.31.jpg

    I am not a developer, so I do not know what files they access to do do this. This works wonderfully on unrooted devices like mine. There must a file; in fact I know there is, because I copied my Note 2 SD card, and found what may be the file that got dumped into internal memory and caused this mischief. I have lovely winter scenes now on my "Echo" but I can't choose which parts of the photo I want, as you can do with the stock lock screen.

    I found, on my Windows computer, in the folder where I copied my Note 2 SD card, AN .XML file (!!) with this rogue information on it that only belongs on a Note II, NOT a Note 4. I would like to show it to you, and ask how to get rid of the damn thing. I have worked with those files before; I use the old, real , genuine Movie Maker on Windows, and you use lots of 'em! Simple .xml files.

    Look where it says "Friendly Name" -- that was from the Note 2. That doesn't belong on a Note 4, but it's like a widget that won't go away, and I can't access "Information" on the Note 4. I am not obsessing on this; it's just I know that it's still there, and I am forced to use this app whether I wish to, or not. The Note 4 somehow absorbed this like the Blob.

    Here is the file that got copied over. I did do a manual copy; I can't imagine how My Backup Pro could have done this since it only transfered media files. I was lazy, and did it directly from my phone, rather than removing the SD card and copying to Windows.
    Bizarre Display Problem After Transfer to Note 4-roguefile.jpg

    Keep in mind: I DON'T ROOT. I have no idea how this took place.

    That's what I found, and I believe that's what caused the trouble. I forgot about the problems with read-write issues in KitKat 4.4. and so this weirdo thing happened. I like the new Winter In Central Park photo I have (2560x2560), but I can't choose how it will look with the app unless I put it into Photoshop. Real drag. I want my lock screen back. But I'm not going to erase EVERYTHING on my device, and start all over to get it! The phone ain't broke, and I ain't gonna fix what ain't broke.

    Here's the thing: on Windows, you can edit the Registry, add or delete system files, even accidentally screw up your phone, and NONE of that will "void your warranty." Why can't you do that on a phone? {pout}

    All the best,
    01-01-2015 10:44 PM
  8. rjm_robin's Avatar
    Correction. I said "I'm not a developer." Not nowadays. But I used to make custom Access databases (for sale), did VBA, and HTML (for sale), and all that '90s stuff. Those were the days -- anybody with half a brain could do it. And that's what I have, in this sense, now: half a brain. I am NOT an Android developer. This is gotten beyond me.

    So, I CAN understand a lot of what's going on here, if folks are patient. I just don't want to root.

    01-01-2015 11:07 PM

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