1. laurenc0101's Avatar
    Bought a 7" RCA tablet last year for my son to just play apps on (model# RCT6272W23). Wanted to get another this year for my daughter to do the same thing, but the One Hour Guarantee was messed up and got a 10" RCA tablet instead (model# RCT6203W46). I want to give the bigger one to my son as he is older, but after logging into his account on the new tablet, only the apps transferred, but not the data. Is there a way to get the data to transfer also without root and if so, how? I tried Helium, but apparently cannot find the right driver for my tablet/computer.
    12-01-2014 11:30 AM
  2. VW Maverick's Avatar
    Unfortunately, if you change or update the device and download everything again, all data or game progress is lost. Very few apps keep that info linked to an account.

    12-01-2014 01:02 PM
  3. laurenc0101's Avatar
    Is this only applicable to this tablet or any tablet?
    12-01-2014 01:46 PM
  4. VW Maverick's Avatar
    Every device really.
    When someone changes phones, for example, the same thing happens.
    You can save, backup and move pics, ringtones, etc, but any in-app settings are almost always lost.
    It is a bummer.
    Wish I had a better answer for you.

    12-01-2014 02:04 PM

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